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    Klipsch reference speaker line...

    I've been out of the "speaker business" for something like 4-5 years. When I left, I was interested in the Klipsch Reference speakers, at that time, it was RF-7, RC-7, RS-7... I'm surprised to see that now, 4-5 years after I was interested, I am now back and I would want to purchase them *but*, it's still the same reference serie as 4-5 years ago!!! My question is: Does anybody know if Klipsch is about to release some new speaker in the reference serie in a near futur? I know that 4-5 years ago, when they were not released, several people out here were having internal info that there was the "new" reference line that was due in about 6-7 months...


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    If you check their products on thier site, you will find the dates of when the product was produced. I see many reference stuff that was produced starting 2003, so those ones probably wont have anything new coming out. However, there are others that are from 2000.

    I was at a klipsch retailer and he said all the Synergy stuff was on clearance because they were going to change to all reference only (guess not enough people buying synergy from them). Maybe also cuz new stuff is coming out?? I'm not sure.

    Good luck finding out

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