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    I have a CD player Q

    I am looking for a product that can power four 80 watt handling, in wall speakers. I only require stereo sound and that it will play CDs, radio and if possible MP3s.
    Is there something out there that doesnt require a reciever?

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    Along with that CD player you're gonna need some kind of amplifier. A receiver would definitely be cheaper and most certainly easier to find with the current market as it is.

    Then again, you could always look at a combination DVD player/receiver which will combine both in one box. ...but check to see if it can handle two sets of speakers simultaneously.

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    Yes, you can buy an amplifer to drive the speakers. All you have to do is to connect the cd outs to the amplifier ins. Since you only require stereo, you only need a two channel/stereo amplifer. But, if you have 4 speakers then your gonna have to wire them in parallel or serial (parallel recommended) which brings the speakers load impedance down (in case of wiring in parallel). If the speakers are 8ohm then connecting two in parallel brings the impedence down to 4ohms. So it is necessary to buy an amp that is rated for a minimum of 4ohms. Hope this helps.

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    In your situation I would use an integrated amp for its value, size and sound qualities, they clean dynamic power is a big cut above receivers...I am happily using a NAD Integrated, which has 4 speaker outputs, I recommend you look at NAD, Rotel and Cambridge as they can be had new for around BestBuy Receiver money and most will have 4 speaker is an example

    take your time, listen and compare and most hifi shops will let you demo the amps for a weekend which is nice

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