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    how to connect sub to a stereo receiver?

    I want a second system, but want to use existing equipment.

    I have:
    A 1987 Technics stereo receiver. It has standard connections (RCA) for CD,Phono,etc. Connections for speaker A and B.
    It also has a set of preamp outputs.
    A 10" Dahlquist powered sub

    How do I connect my (powered) sub?

    I plan to use a pair of monitor speakers and want the sub to add some low-end.

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    I'm not familiar with the Dahlquist sub, but most subs have speaker level inputs and outputs. If yours does, connect the sub's speaker level inputs to your receiver's speaker outputs. Then connect the speakers to the sub's outputs. In this configuration, your sub is filtering out the low frequencies for itself before passing the rest of the signal out to the speakers. You can adjust the filter with the controls on the sub's amp. You'll need quite a bit more speaker wire than you're used to, but this will be the best way to fine tune the blend between your speakers and your sub.

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