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    Is KLH stereo receiver any good?

    Is KLH stereo receiver (called Quest in Canada annd sold by Furure Shop) any good?

    I had this receiver for couple of years and have no complaints except I get a hiss sometimes from my Paradigm Atom speakers. I am not sure whether the problem is with the speakers or the receiver. I recently bought a JVC 6042 and Yamaha 5730 receivers and use the Yamaha with my new Athena ASB2 speakers. I am wondering whether to replace the KLH (Quest) receiver with the JVC or return the JVC and continue to use the KLH. KLH is the cheapest receiver I have seen. Any comments from users is appreciated.

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    Consider yourself lucky.

    I know of two KLH receivers, one personally and the other via an audio forum, which self destructed after about two years.

    From what I recall, the KLH was not the best sounding receiver but she wasn't an audiophile and got two years from an $80 US stereo receiver so she wasn't too pissed.

    I dunno if it was a misprint, but it's specs listed a range of 100 - 10k. With the speakers she had, I could neither confirm nor deny that.

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