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    multi channel amp vs stereo amp with a/v receiver

    ok, my receiver the marantz sr 6200 has the capability to be used as a pre-amp. I am wondering if it is possible to hook up a 2 channel stereo amp to the receiver and still have the capability to use the reciever in a 5.1 setting.
    the thing is im happy with the sound from my hometheatre but i would like more detail in my 2 channel stereo.
    I'm debating between the rotel rb-1080 or the rmb-1095. if it was possible for me to use the 1080 it would be great because of the obvious price difference.
    any comments would be great.

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    You can use 2, 3, or 5 channel amps with your Marantz. If you prefer to use just a two channel, simply plug the amp into your receiver's L/R main pre-outs and use the on-board amps for the center and surrounds. Make sure you recalibrate your system after plugging in the Rotel to compensate for any differences in gain. My guess is you'll hear a noticeable difference in your two channel music, I sure did.

    Hope this helps.

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    I'd say follow topspeed's instructions and get the RB1080. I think that will give you the best 2 channel improvement while being cost effective too. Best of both worlds!

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