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    An easy onkyo integra question

    Am i right to say that integra is basically onkyo's upper line stuff? Maybe not exclusivly but in general atleast?

    thanks if I'm wrong please let me know

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    If I recall correctly...

    ...during my most recent slosh among the current offerings in hi-fi land, you are probably correct...They do use the same WRAT amplifier technology, perhaps there are a few more bells and whistles...expansion possibilities...that sort of thing. The line has a more limited distributorship which, in my mind at least, equates to higher MSRP and little chance for competitive pricing...

    If that is the criteria for the definition of upper line, OK...insofar as performance differences? I dunno'...

    jimHJJ(...the two pieces of Onkyo gear I have seem to do their job well enough...)

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