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    the $1000 receiver question

    i am just starting to look for a new ht receiver for $1000 or less. though i typically love buying used and b-stock i am considering $1000 a new price mark this time simply because of the constant updates in decoding software and other surround technology. i would also like to buy a new dvd player, probably at the same time, and i haven't yet figured out how much i'm willing to spend on this.

    my current system:
    rec: pioneer vsx-d509s (ugh)
    dvd: toshiba sd2300 (yes, this is the one with nuon; i still play tetris on it occasionally)
    mains: paradigm monitor 3v2
    center: paradigm cc370v2
    sub: earthquake supernova 10mkIV
    rears: jbl sat 135 (longstory:short, due to space and other constraints, these will have to do for a little while)
    vcr: panasonic pv-vs4820 (think that's the right model number)
    cd: technics sl-pd8

    there are several qualities that i consider very desirable in a new receiver, but i'm not expecting to find them all in this price range:
    -quite a number of inputs (8-10, at least 6 video, at least two component)
    - full 5.1 or 6.1 pre-outs
    -composite to component up-conversion
    -at least 6.1 channels (not that i have a rear-center, but i figure it would be good for the future)
    -are there any receivers with multiple 5.1 inputs?

    this said, i don't care too much about features: i never use dsp modes, and when i listen to music it tends to be in stereo, and this system is intended primarily for movies anyway. i would like this piece to have the latest dd/dts stuff, but i don't care too much if it doesn't have DPLIIx.

    i much prefer buying local when i can (local for me is pittsburgh, pa and ann arbor, mi). given that, my main contenders are:
    -nad t753 or t743
    -denon avr3805 or 2805
    -integra dtr-6.4 or 5.4
    -arcam avr200 (a bit over my price range)
    - am i crazy or did adcom used to make an ht receiver?

    of these, i believe only the dtr-5.4 lacks pre-outs, which is probably my most required feature in case i ever decide to use this as a pre/pro. of course onkyo, harman/kardon and yamaha receivers are also available around here. it would seem somewhat silly of me to buy an onkyo when for a little bit more i can buy an integra, and something about hk and yamaha just never sat right with me.... too gimmicky or something. if you think this is narrow minded of me feel free to try and convince me otherwise. also, please suggest any other receivers you think i should be looking at.

    i will probably also buy a new dvd player when i purchase my new receiver. i want one with progressive scan (if i ever upgrade my tv) and possibly dvd-audio/sacd. if i'm buying locally i would prefer to buy both pieces in one go, which i guess limits me some. if i buy an nad or arcam receiver, i would probably be looking most closely at the nad t533 player ($500), as it is the lowest model with progressive scan, and also includes dvd-audio.
    if i buy a denon or integra receiver, i would probably be looking at the integra dsp-8.3 which is a universal, and is supposed to be quite good, though also very expensive. i was told by a salesperson at this store that denon dvd players are notoriously unreliable. if anyone can suggest another dvd player i should be looking at that would be great.

    sorry to be so long winded; any tips or suggestions would be great, especially if you have experience with any of the equipment mentioned or any other pieces of kit that i ought to be auditioning. thanks very much for your help

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    it's come to my attention that cambridge audio and marantz products are also available in my area(s). if you know more about these brands than i, please make some suggestions.
    (i know cambridge doesn't do any a/v receivers, but they do now make dvd players)

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    I can't really give you first hand advice as I haven't dealt with the products your asking but here is a recent thread that could probably help you with the receiver

    good luck

    Hands down, your fav receiver for <$1000

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    Will -

    For $899 MSRP, the Denon AVR-2805 is a pretty nice receiver. It has almost all the bells & whistles that the 3805 has and comes with a microphone for the set-up and room EQ; the 3805 doesn't.

    BTW, Cambridge Audio does make an A/V receiver -- the Azur 540R. I don't know much about it though.


    Good luck!

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    I've been happy with my Denon AVR-3803, but if the AVR-2805 really does come with the microphone for the room eq I would probably buy that one. I'm not sure of its wattage but I think it is at least 90 watts per channel, which should be more than enough to drive monitor speakers. Also, because your speakers are monitors, I would take them with you when shopping for a receiver. Most places will allow you to hook-up your own equipment if they really want your business. What sounds good with my speakers may not with yours. Let your ears guide you. Good luck with whatever you buy.
    Definitive Technology Fan, Owner and Advocate!!!!! never paying retail IS half the fun of buying audio products!!!! Good shopping!

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    Definitely give the Marantz SR-7400 a listen. It has all of your requirements and more for a street price of about $800. I chose it because it had all the features I was looking for, but also it had a killer remote control. The only feature it did not have that I would have really loved to have is it does not have auto sound level setting. Still, I am very happy with my choice.

    The Denon should also be a good choice, IMO. I have owned a Denon receiver in the past (3300), and it was very nice for the price I paid. My only gripe is it died (hence the purchase of the Marantz). I am sure I just was unlucky, as Denon has a good reputation for quality.

    Good luck,


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