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    Technical Onkyo/THX receiver question - long

    I am fairly new to this so here goes. I currently own an Onkyo HT-R510 Receiver (paid $150 for it refurbished with warranty). Which is a run of the mill (and somewhat obscure) 6.1 DTS receiver. It is currently powering Def Tech's 2002TL speakers and I started looking around at what additional features I could get by spending a little extra cash.

    I was looking at an Integra DTR 7.2 receiver (also made by Onkyo) retails for $1200+ (found one used for $650).

    I started comparing the specs and was a bit stunned by what I found:
    my current receiver ($150 paid)
    100 watts per channel RMS .08 thd at 8 ohm
    130 RMS at 6 ohm

    Integra 7.2 ($1200 list $650 used)
    100 watts per channel RMS .08 thd at 8 ohm
    130 RMS at 6 ohm

    so... it appears that both receivers are using the same amplifier section while the Integra has lots of other goodies such as multi room capability and LCD remote the only thing that appeals to me is the THX certification..

    My question is: assuming that both receivers have the same amp section, and similar processing (WRAT, etc) with the exception of THX, will the THX receiver sound notably better?


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    THX certification is a gimmick. Companies paid THX for the rights to use the logo - while the amplifier had to meet a certain amplifier spec - which yours has. The difference is that the sucker who bought the certified model paid a hundred or many more hundreds of dollars to have a a 1 cent THX logo...there is ZERO difference.

    Multi-room is mostly a gimmick as well.

    If your amplifier has Preout or power amp Jacks the money you sepend would be far better put to an external power amplifier - or better speakers Than buying a more expensive no difference in sound quality feature loaded amp with a remote that while fancy - if it breaks will cost you a $100.00+ to replace.

    Most receiver lines pretty much sound identical all the way from top to bottom..some will add a whole 5 watts per channel with each upper model. Since it takes double to even barely notice a diffrence I would rather buy a cheaper model that has preouts and add quality amplification to replace the non quality amplification that exists in receivers - or use the money for better speakers of course.

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    Thanks for your detailed answer, exactly what I suspected. Any suggestions for an affordable receiver with preamp outputs? The only other features I need are DTS/digital and component video i/o for my HDTV setup.


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