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Thread: DVD problems

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    DVD problems

    I have a pioneer 667-A. It worked fine before I moved. I had the direct imput going to the direct imput on the reciever. I then had the opticle going to into the CD/LD on the back of the reciever and component going to the back of the T.V.. I did this so that I could listen to the SACD's through the direct imput(because thats the only way they will play of couse.) And I could watch movies and listen to DVD-A via opticle. I just think DVD-A sounds better through opticle because of the less resistance thing. My problem is now that I have moved and hooked everything back up the player is not responding. For a while I can play SACD's but now it won't even do that. I can't get a picture to come up either. At first I thought It was my reciever (STR DA7ES). But when I tried my 400 Disk DVD player it worked fine in the same plugins. Oh and i'm also running the sound through an Outlaw audio ICBM bass manager.

    So what do you think, is my dvd gone belly up or is there something i'm missing.

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