I'm having some problems with the YPAO settings on my Yamaha HTR-5760 with my sound system.
I've run the test 3 times and consistently get the same (strange) results. It says over and over that my front left, right and surround left, right speakers are phase reversed, but that the center channel is fine and the subwoofer is fine. And when I plug in my pair of self-powered surround-back speakers (plugged into the pre-outs), it detects those as being normally in phase.

I've checked, double-checked, and triple-checked the wiring for all the speakers and all the pluses & minuses check out, but I still get the out-of-phase problem. What gives?

Also, it continually determines that my front and surround speakers are *small* and that my center is *large* - even the exact opposite is true! (the front mains and the surrounds are the same matching infinity delta 60 towers and the center is a delta center).

I don't know why it's all messed up. I set the microphone on a pole/stand at ear level exactly over the central couch and have any obstructions cleared and the room silent.

any ideas??