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    DVD player unable to recognize any CD but no problem with DVD?

    My 8 year old Pioneer DVD player is unable to recognize any CD but no problem with DVDs? The problem started to happend about 12 month ago that it takes couple tries for it recognize any of CDs. Lately it just doesn't recognized it period and once out of bluemoon it'll recognize 1 but it sounded bad with a lot of distortion. Also, during the initial recognizing run there are funny noise coming out like the CD is not spinning properly. Is it time for a new player? I test running DVD concert and no distortion only when its playing the 101 CD that it happen to recognized.

    Any one is experiencing the same issue? Please advise?

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    I have no clue about the recognising of CDs, but I think you should get a new DVD player.

    I had a 1st generation Sony DVD player than was about 7 years old. THe play still worked beautifully and was pretty price back in the day! A few months ago I decided to replace it with a new Sony - which was now a 1/3 of the price. The features on later DVD players to older players is amazing! MY old player played only original DVDs, VCDs and CDs (no CDR/W or DVD R/RW). It obviously didn't play MP3s or JPEGS either..

    The only place I prefer the older player was build : It was built ALOT better and ALOT more solid! The newer players are all lifestyle and slimsline - which I personally don't like.

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