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    Under $1000 Universal Player?

    There seems to be a lot of threads asking about affordable SACD player / Universal Player. I thought it might be good to sum up all the options currently in the market:

    Denon DV-2200 ($1000 cdn)
    Pioneer DV-563A ($250 cdn)
    Pioneer Elite DV-45A ($600 cdn)
    Marantz DV6400 ($???)
    Sony DVP-NS755V (can you still find this model??

    I'm sure I've missed quite a few, but here is the question: Pioneer is the only one who can offer not only one, but two universal players for well under $1000. I have seen a lot of rave reviews about the DV-563A, but they are all rated in light of its VERY low price.... for someone who don't have a thousand bucks to spend but still wants more than decent sound, is it worth going to the DV-45A, or is the DV-563A actually THAT good?

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    I have heard pretty good things about the DV45a from Commercial electronics. They use it as their main source in the Focal room. One of the dealers suggested it over the marantz, even though the marantz is a little bit more expensive.

    However, I havent took the time to audition different sources, so I dont really know how it sounds.

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    another universal / SACD player suggestion

    Here's another one that I have had my eye on:

    - Onkyo DV-SP800

    It's expensive, but the few reviews I've read have been very positive (I'm hoping someone else will have some more to say about it). The sound, I think, is subject to fairly standard DA converters that are probably manufactured to similar standards in most players. But in the end, the price of a player is determined by its construction and durability. The Pioneer seems to be rather flimsy with a lot of plastic parts.

    One simplistic test I alway perform when I look at a player is to pick it up. Is it heavier? do the sides bend a little? does the transformer make up the bulk of the weight? Etc.

    Anyhow, that's my take on it.

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