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Thread: Samsung HD-DVD

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    Samsung HD-DVD

    Any opinions on this or any other HD-DVD??

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    Quote Originally Posted by htfan14
    Any opinions on this or any other HD-DVD??
    R U refering to the DVDHD841 or 941? if so, they are not HD dvd players.

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    HD-DVD is not here yet

    The standards for HD-DVD are not quite finished. So there is no way Samsung can come out with a HD player. You are about a year or so too early
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    Just to add others have said. If you are talking about 841 or 941, they are regular DVD players but have internal interpolation or scaler to do output at 720P or 1080i via DVI connection. Depends on your TV and yourself, you may or may not see much "improvement".

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    Thanks for the input guys. The unit I was refering to is the DVD-HD841 and is supposed to "up-convert" regular dvd to 1080i/720p. Sounds like it's worth waiting for this technology to be perfected before jumping in.

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    anyone own one of these?

    or seen a review for one? I am really curious about them. I just got a 32 inch hd set with an hdmi input and i am wondering whether it will be worth the purchase. I am skeptical but curious. I've heard of some reliability probs with the samsungs, but sony is coming out with one for $299 any minute now..

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    I had the HD-931 for a brief time and wasn't so thrilled with it. I noticed quite a bit more artifacting when upconverting using a DVI cable than I did with component cables. My theory is that they bring more of the imperfections in the video transfer into focus.

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