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    Question Calibrating Samsung DLP - Help


    I recently purchased a Samsung 61" DLP after much deliberation and reviews and some help from the people on this forum. Thanks too all for your comments.

    Now that I have the beast at home (and that is another story entirely) I want to get the most out of it. I purchased the AVIA calibration disk and I have tried to calibrate the set using the test signals.

    I am having some trouble getting the color right though. Is this just a trial and error thing or is there more science to this stuff?

    I have used the blue filters to adjust the color and tint but I get inconsistent results, depending on the DVD (Panasonic non progressive scan connect with Monster component video (RGB) cable with the Farouda chip in the TV enabled). I know this TV has a green bias so I have tried to compensate for that by using both the red filter and the green filters as well. Adjusting the TV so that the blue filter works and then adjust a bit more for green filter tests and red filter tests has resulted in my current setting, which look okay but not great. I find the flesh tones are not always accurate and sometime just plain wrong.

    If there is anyone out there who is well versed in TV calibration and could give me some pointers, I would really appreciate it.



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    I bought the 50" DLP last July/August. A techie told me about Samsung offering a $200 upgrade that was factory. After 6 months on the waiting list, a subcontractor for Samsung came to my house and installed the upgrade, which was actually 2 generattions ahead of what came in the set when I bought it. The sub told me until I get HDTV I won't notice much difference ( I have Comcast), but we did notice an immediate improvement even thru the crappy cable. The sub also made a few adjustments to the picture, but I didn't really catch what he did other than it was all done via the remote. The upgrade was a bolt on about the size of a small laptop, have no idea what it does or replaces/improves.

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