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    Question Is Nad T533 a good player?

    Hi, I'd like to buy a Nad T533 to replace my Yamaha DVD-S 550. My primary interest is to get a player that works well on cd playing. I got B&W 604, 602 and LCR600 and bought a Yamaha amp (RX-V640) and DVD. I made a big error and now I need to replace those 2 to get a Nad amp and dvd. My first question is: will this player play cd's as well as the C521BEE?
    My second question is: Is SACD really important?
    Last question: Is Nad a good match with B&W?
    I already thank you for your answers.

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    Nad has had in the past problems with quality control -- their amps are usually good but I'd avoid the 320bee.

    You do not need to match the cd player with the amp. you really need to hear it all together in a system and not shop out of can yield poor results. Rotel and B&W are usually matched together as they share imports and I consider NAD to be marginally a step up from counterparts like Yamaha (and then just barely).

    I would try Rotel and NAD in the same room...The rotel may be a bit more money though as I have no idea about the prices of their surround set-ups these days. NAD though did make good recievers

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    I've had a chance to demo both the T533 and C521BEE in my system, and for CD playback the T533 wasn't even close. Sad but true. The C521BEE is a $400 CD player. The T533 is a $500 CD/DVD/DVD-Audio player. If you think about the economics, it's just not gonna happen.

    I really wanted DVD-Audio capability, but wasn't willing to sacrifice CD performance to get it. I didn't need a DVD player because I use my HTPC. I have over 430 CD's, and at the moment, 1 DVD-Audio. Naturally, I bought the C521BEE.

    Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mounirtaha
    Last question: Is Nad a good match with B&W?
    I already thank you for your answers.
    Which NAD model ?

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