I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I am new to the audio world and would appreciate your assistance.

My Laptop has Sigmatel Audio, and this depresses me. I need an external sound card option, i'd prefer to pay less than 200$ to get something that is very nice but I will pay more to get what I need.

I would prefer to be able to connect it to my digital piano and import music into my laptop so that I can listen to it later. My digital piano has recording options but they are limited and I would like to make myself some halfway decent recordings.

My own search has led me to products like this: Yamaha RP-U100 CAVIT External Audio Soundboardl, but this has only brought me more questions.

If I bought a soundboard, would I get better sound than with a plain external soundcard? Will it record from a red/white cable audio input? Would I be able to connect it to my computer multimedia speakers (Logitech Z-2200)? Which one should I get?

I humbly throw myself before your expertise on these matters. Please guide me.