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    DVD Digital out question

    I just purchased a new Harman-Kardan receiver. After hooking up my Panasonic DVD player using the digital optical connection, I noticed that when I use any of the surround options on either CDs or DVD-As, a small section at the beginning of each track is cut off. I talked to a Harman-Kardan tech rep and he said it was because the Panasonic DVD player is turning off the digital signal between each track which is causing the receiver to re-initialize the DSP settings. I'm now looking to replace my DVD player and was wondering, is this a common feature (apparenty Harman-Kardan players do NOT turn off the digital signal between tracks). I don't think this feature is included in any of the product specs and was wondering how common it was. Right now, I'm leaning toward waiting for the new muti-disk Toshiba (SD-6915) to be released.

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    Every optical connection I've encountered has done this, it just takes it a second to initilize. I'm not saying that they ALL do it, I've just never seen one that didn't.

    The Toshiba 6915 is in stock at but I've heard some interesting things about it. Here's a hands on:

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    I have an H/K 320 and a Pioneer 101 cd player. If you use random play there will be a pause in the signal between cd's. When playing just one cd it only happens on the first track.

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