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    Question Denon DVD-3910: Help needed!

    Greetings! Does anyone know where I can buy an U.S. version multi-region enabled Denon DVD-3910? I saw a few U.K. sites selling European version multi-region enabled 3910 but I am not sure if there are any U.S. version.

    I read that there is a firmware update that will convert the 3910 into region-free, has anyone try it on an U.S. 3910?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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    Please don't take any offense to this, but I have no faith in DENON reliability at all. I'm sure every top name makes a few lemons but my 13 month old DVD900 died with only light use. Will not read disk now (cleaned laser, no help) and not covered for repair, which I'm sure is costly.

    I would look at other brands without question...perhaps Marantz or Sony ES?
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