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    Using coax cable for sub?

    Wanted to know what peoples thoughts were on this. I am considering relocating my sub to a less conspicuous location, but doing so would require a long run of cable(25' or so). I don't want to spend a fortune on cable if I don't need to. There is a run of coaxial cable already in the wall that I could take advantage of if I disconnect it from the cable TV splitter and use a couple coaxial/RCA adapters.

    My question is if there will be any reduction in sound quality. I only want to do this if there will be no difference. Right now I am using a high quality subwoofer cable (RCA type). I have heard two different theories on this and want to find some consensus. Thanks in advance.

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    Why not just try it both ways and see. The cable is already there. You'll only be out the cost of a couple coax/RCA adapters.

    I've successfully used RG-6 Quad Shield coax before for a subwoofer. It was an excellent choice.

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    Good compression fit RCA ends will help, normal sub cable is coax RG-6 with RCA ends.

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