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    Thinking about some Kimber Kables

    VS Series 8VS size for my Alpha 50 mains only. Anyone know a good place to buy Kimber Kable? Would appreciate any Kimber remarks at all, thanks.

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    They look really cool! Get the KS 3038's. Sorry I can't be more constructive.

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    Buy Used. I always recommend buying cable used because there's not a whole lot of wear and tear you can get on it, plus its usually more than 50% off the list price and you can sell it for the same amount (or more) if you've tried it an hear no difference. Just hit up AgoN.

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    I have some 4VS. I got 3 runs of 8ft. for $35 shipped, off ebay. That comes out to about the price of new 4PR.

    New 4VS is like $3.89/ft I believe. So 8VS will be very expensive. I suggest buying used. Ebay is a good source(as well as Audiogon as mentioned, along with many other used cable sites).

    I have found making "Kimber Kable" like wires to be more fun, but the braiding in their speaker wire would take too long. Copying their "tri-field" braiding is as simple as asking anyone who has made a bracelet(as a kid). Takes seconds, and then you can buy nice connectors off partsexpress(or if you are like me, you have spares sitting around in boxes!?!?!).

    Here are two examples I have made. I also redid the wiring on my phonograph, as well as braidied up 4 strands of 20 gauge wire, in a tri-like braid for my surrounds(low-fi pro logic system, so it isnt very important).

    and you can see my 4VS hanging out from the rear of my speaker:

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