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    sub cable

    So i need an 18 ft cable. A plain jane $39 RCA or a "Sub" cable for 80 bucks. Which do i do?
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    I went with an RCA for my sub connection - it works fine. I have my SVS pb10 connected to my marantz SR-5000 with a 12 ft RCA cable. I notice no difference from the shorter "subwoofer" cable I was using earlier.

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    A Sub cable is a RCA cable. They just stamp "Sub Cable" on it and charge more.


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    Quote Originally Posted by shokhead
    So i need an 18 ft cable. A plain jane $39 RCA or a "Sub" cable for 80 bucks. Which do i do?
    Just for the record, I build cables and sell them. My Sub cables are the same as my interconnects as are most companies. Except mine are the same price. What I am getting at, is why 80 bucks for a 39 dollar cable? If they are the same brand of cable, they are most likely the same cable.

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