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    HELP! Drywaller killed my cable!

    I am finishing my basement, and have strung all the wires, and installed boxes for the speaker wire. When the drywaller was cutting out the box his dremel blade also cut through my LFE wire that I had run. I have 2 options . I stripped the cable to see what is in the wire. It has a silver wire, and a red and white wire. If I patch this cable back together will I forever have poor sound out of my sub? Fortunatly, I ran this setup on both sides of the room so in the future I can (could) move the sub if needed. It is not feasable to take down the hung and finished drywall at this point. Should I just forget the broken hookup and use the other side of the room, or give a patch a try?

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    I would

    strip back the wire, twist the wires together, solder them, put electrical tape around them and use it. Stop and think about it for a moment. You have a bare wire coming into a speaker, where does it go from there? It goes to the crossover which is another wire. They usually twist this together and solder it. I doubt very seriously you will hear any audible difference at all.

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    No doubt that you will have a bunch of "audiophiles" come in here and say that it decreases sound quality, limits extension, and all that..... but its worked perfectly for me everytime.

    Also, keep in mind that the wires inside most speakers are pretty wimpy anyway, so its not like a little solder spot somewhere along the line is going to break the system.

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    poneal has the right idea just fix it with a little solder, and a little electrical tape of heat shrink tubing. if you are going to do it a little tip i have is make a j with the ends of the stripped wire so you can hook them together. if you are uncomfortable soldering another option would be using a crimp connector like the dolphin dc-100. well at least i believe that is the part number. the only tool required at that point is a pair of pliers. then you can just tape them up and things will be happy again. you wont lose any sonic quality at all. you can even measure the inductance and capacitance of the wire before and after and the difference would be so small if any that it probably wouldnt even show on some meters

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