[QUOTE=poneal]Any comments?[/QUOTE
I enjoy good sound. In my opinion, good sound is not dictated by which format it is on. To put it simply, I enjoy the sound of a great CD or even SACD. However, I don't think anything can beat the sound of a pristine vinyl record: of course no matter what the format, it is up to the sound engineers and the performers to get the very best sound available available from that source. Let's face it. It makes no difference whether you play vinyl, CDs or SACDs. If you listen to a bad recording, that recording is going to sound bad.

I love the warmth of vinyl, but I also own a CD player and a SACD player. If I'm in a lazy mood, I'll play a CD or preferably a SACD. However, if I'm in the mood to be fully engrossed in a velvety sound I'll listen to the appropriate music from my vinyl collection.

I feel I must beg your pardon; I seem to have gotten away from the original question. My answer is NO; I don't think vinyl will become any more obselete than it is. As a mattter of fact, I believe the future will see a resurgence of the vinyl medium. On the other hand, Just because it is more convienient to slip a CD or SACD into a CD transport and hit the play button, does not make either one a better medium than the vinyl record. Records played on a good turntable with a good cartridge sound incredible. A properly recorded CD or SACD, played on a good deck also sounds incredible. Their is an old saying "what's good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander". The same is true for audio sound in all formats. What I like is inconsequential. What is important is what you like.
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