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    How to adjust turntable speed?

    I have a Rotel RP-2400 turntable which is a no frills belt drive table. It has buttons for arm return, and 33/45..that's it! However I notice it does not run quite at the correct speed, the music is slowed a little bit. What kind of adjustment can I look for to speed it up a tad, if there is one?

    I picked it up used, so it's been like that ever since I've had it. The guy I bought it from said the belt is rather new.

    Thanks for any tips!

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    Some turntables have a speed adjustment and some unfortunately don't. Even if yours doesn't it is possible that there is some sort of foreign material on the motor pulley causing the belt to slip resulting in reduced speed. This could be residue from the previous belt or a trace of oil possibly from someones fingers. Remove the belt, clean the motor pulley thoroughly with some alcohol and a cotton swab. Do not replace the belt until the pulley is completely dry. Also be sure that the belt tension is adequate. Even though the belt is new, if it is slightly too large because the replacement was the wrong size, it will also slip. There should be enough tension on the belt when it is installed so that it is slightly stretched. In fact it should stay on the platter rim by itself when it is off the pulley.

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