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    Quad 303 / 33 ????

    I am looking at a thrift auction (no, I'm not gonna tell) for a Quad 303 amp / 33 controller.

    Obviously, people know what these are worth. The price will go up, but probably end up around the $100.00 range. A good deal. Do I really need one of these? Are they THAT good to justify 1960's solid state technology? I know fans swear by them. I wonder if they are for me. I usually cut it off at the late 70's and prefer polished aluminum. ????????.

    How much would you bid? Untested: Missing power cords that I could no doubt replace easy enough.

    I'm thinking these may go well with Vandersteen.........

    Please advise.



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    The matching Quad FM and AM tuner has also been added to this website. If this stuff works, it would be an excellent deal for someone.

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    I had a Quad 33/303 for many years. It was a very dependable and enjoyable amplifier. I eventually replaced it with a Linn amp which was slightly better. The modern mid/high amps are better still - Rotel is about the lowest entry point that would surpass the Quad on clarity.

    You should be able to pick up the Quad for less than $200. Check that it comes with the removable (reversible) phono input board.

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    the amp's much better than the pre-amp.

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