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Thread: Preamp problems

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    Preamp problems

    My preamp will not turn on,it has power coming out of the unswitched outlet,nothing coming out of the switched,and of coarse nothing going in the unit,I found three fuses,all ok...any ideas?...its a carver ct26v

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    Quick check

    Try turning the living room lights on.

    If that does not work then it could be a power cut not the pre-amp.

    hope this helps


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    well if theres power at the unswitched outlet then theres power getting into the amp, did you just visually inspect the fuses? sometimes it can blow or the wire disconnects right at the end of the fuse where you cant see through the glass, remove and test each fuse with an ohm meter to be sure. After that if it doesnt turn on unplug it and try testing the power switch itself. if your not comfortable with that then any repair shop could chech it in minutes.
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