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    Soundcard with preamp section

    What's a good soundcard for 2 channel audio? should i go for an external one so that interference from the computer is limited, i've heard that the external sound cards suffer from problems with power over usb. I was thinking of getting some kind of m-audio card that has a preamp box outside the computer, that way i can ditch the preamp stage of my integrated NAD C352 amp.

    My mp3s are mostly 44.1khz / 192kbit

    Current System
    Foobar2000 mp3 software
    VIA AC97 Onboard sound chip
    NAD C352 Integrated Amp
    Mission M34 Floor standers
    Monster cables

    I am also pondering the purchase of a Crown XLS 402A to replace the NAD C352

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    Has anyone used a sound card (or similar) pluged straight into a power amp?


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