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    Parasound Halo A52?

    What are people's opinions on the Parasound Halo A52? Topspeed has been most helpful in mentioning this amp, but I've wondered if anyone's ever used it, and especially with B&W CDM series speakers. I'm seriously considering it, or at least trying it out for a while. The only concern is that it lists a 0.2% THD, which seems a little high, since the non-Halo version (HCA-1205A) only lists 0.03% THD. I'm not sure if at that level it makes much of a difference. Will this measurement affect transients, detail, and microdynamics at all?


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    humming problem at all?

    I looked up some reviews of the Parasound Halo amps. Some people apparently have had a slight humming problem due to ground loop issues. I've heard very good things about its sound, but do you think there'd be any problems with humming or ground loop problems? I'm getting a dedicated 20 amp outlet installed in the next month for the system anyway. But I checked and with all sources off, not so much as a hum at all from the Yammie. There was a very faint hiss, almost inaudible except 2 inches from the tweeter when the amp was turned up to the highest setting I'll ever practically need.

    What are your thoughts on this?


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    With your dedicated line, I seriously doubt you'll encounter probs. Just make sure the line has a good, solid ground.

    BTW, the THD difference will be inaudible, don't sweat it. The Halo's are far better amps than the HCA's in every way, IMO.

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    I have this hum you are talking about

    5/26/04 from Good Guys... I hear that hum

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    I think this is due the Parasound's design issue. I have an older HCA. It has the worst ground loop problems among the audio equipments I ever owned. I have different receivers and power amp and none has the hum problem remotely close to the Parasound. Apparently, they did not make much improvement on this issue over the years. I end up using a prong converter cheater to sort of solve the problem. Some thing to think about it before you get a Parasound.

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    I'm considerig the A23, what's the deal with hum??

    Ok, this is worrying me a little. I'm getting a graduation gift of speakers and an amp for around $4000 give or take a few hundred total when I graduate college this December. I've heard a lot of good things about Parasound Halo amps and was seriously considering an A23 along with new speakers, most likely B&W 804s or something else for my gift.

    I was originally going to this amp forum to ask if it's a good idea to get an A23 and build my system slowly eventually using 5 of them as monoblocks. So I come upon this post and I see someone's using an A52 with B&W speakers. I've heard that before, so I thought good idea.

    Now I read more and hear of hum and ground loop problems. Did you guys have that only on an A52 or is that all the Parasound Halo line? I don't have any sophisticated setup or special dedicated lines, so do you think I should look elsewhere? I was pretty set on this amp. I really like the output line on this amp so I can hook up my sub if my mains lack bass. My current system doesn't come close to hi-fi, but I've never heard hum on it.

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