I presently have a Sony DA555ES 5/1 Ch reciever with the L/R front pre-outs connected to a Parasound Halo P3 2ch pre-amp....I then have the Halo connected to the L/R inputs of a Odyssey Audio HT3, which I use as a 3 ch amp LCR..I did this of course to improve 2 ch music listening,,,I did not expect the addition of the Halo to improve my HT listening, but to my suprise it has,,Now can anyone please help me decide how can I improve the performance 0f my center ch,,,I do not want to replace my speakers,,Im useing Paradigm Monitor 9s L/R...Paradigm LCR 350 for my center ,,,and ADP 150s rear and servo 15 sub,,I was thinking about getting another Halo P3 and connecting the Center ch output of the Sony reciever to the right input of the Halo and the the right output of the Halo into the center input of my Odyssey...The left channel of the Halo would just have to go unused..Has anyone here done something like this before??am I on the right track or should I be looking for a mono pre amp?????