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    Unhappy Parasound Halo or Rotel for Veritas

    I'm going to be taking my next big step into the upper-middle area of equipment soon. I've limped by with B&W 601,602 series and a Denon 3801 receiver, DVD 2900 player.
    I'm very interested in buying a full Energy Veritas surround sound set of speakers, with the 2.3i set being the front speakers. I feel the 2.4i set are probably a little too large for my living room and I will be purchasing a Martin Logan Depth to replace my aging Velodyne anyway.
    I am in love with the Parasound Halo A51 and C2 processor...buuuut they are just a little pricey. I could get them, but it will take much longer to save for the full system.
    As an alternate, I am looking at the new Rotel RSP-1098 processor and the RMB 1095 5 channel amp. I am concerned that they will not be as open and spacious with the Veritas as I would prefer. I understand the Energy speakers are very neutral (it's impossible to find them for listening here in Houston or Texas for that matter) so I am curious about the combination of the Rotel with the Veritas.
    If I go with the Rotel, I could practically buy the speakers and the pre/pro together for almost the same price as the Parasound gear alone.
    Would the difference be that huge?
    Discuss amoungst yourselves and let me know

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    There is only one way to find out. Demo the Energy's with both sets of electronics, and let your ears decide for you!!!
    Remember, different isn't always better, but it is different.
    Keep things as simple as possible, but not too simple.
    Let your ears decide for you!

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    Tell me you're not buying this expensie of a speaker without hearing them...DO NOT GO BY REVIEWS. Since most review magazines will praise EVERYTHING they are of little help. Hi FI choice reviews in a blind panel and I could only find a review of the 2.1 but it wasn't exactly glowing.

    Certainly not a bad review but frankly you can get the same thing from other notable companies from Canada for a bit less money. This is not particularly my cup of tea in sound...and I'm from Canada.

    Rotel is generally a solid buy in this price range, good sound, good build, good reputation often competing very well with costlier units. I have found that Rotel power amps are very solid in the bang for buck ratio and they don't have really any bad habits. I'm less enthused about their preamps and integrateds but it's been a few years so they may be better.

    But in the end if YOU like the sound of the Veritas then they're for you. Plenty of people like them...but never buy a speaker you can't audition first.

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    If you cant hear the speakers...go for another make.....we'll help you out with brands if need be but dont you ever, ever buy speakers without hearing them.

    Sorry to sound like your mom but it for your own good !!!! :-)


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