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    Which one?Yamaha rxv-750+rotel rb1070 or denon 3805?

    I'm planning to buy a new home cinema set up and i'm thinking of yamaha rxv-750 and a rotel rb1070 to drive the front channels .But i'm thinking also about denon 3805.Which one of the two choices you think is the best?

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    This is a really odd comparison, not exactly apples to apples...why not get the RX-V650 and yourself $100 or so? Is there something about the 750 you absolutely need?
    The 3805 is really a step up over the RX-V750. The Rotel will give the best power and sound, but when buying a receiver you generally consider all the other features as well. If there's stuff about the 3805 you like, or feel you need, I'd go with that and buy a cheap, used Rotel or Adcom or something on audiogon for better power.
    You'd be better off to look at the RX-V1400 or 1500 for a closer comparison to the Denon, or look at smaller Denon's and add the Rotel...

    My experience with adding amps to a receiver's pre outs has been quite good. I only use 1 channel on my RX-V1400...the 1400 has more power than many receivers, but you can't underestimate having the headroom, not to mention "better quality" power. The Yammies not bad, but it gets better. My room is quite large, and the receiver would be very stressed powering all 7 speakers at the volumes I listen to movies at. For music, the amps just sound better.

    If you're looking at going the separates route, I'd advise you to buy the least expensive receiver that has all the features you need (and pre-outs) and then buy your amps.

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    Thanks kexodusc you've been very helpful.I think i'll go for the separates solution.

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