I hope i'm not boring too many of you who may have read posts similar to this in the HT thread. I'm currently in the process of shopping for a new HT receiver in the $1000, and i'm finding that the amps seem to be the biggest and, to me, possibly the most important difference. my current system has Paradigm Monitor 3v2s, a CC370v2, Earthquake Supernova 10mkIV and some crappy jbl surrounds (that might get replaced soon as well.) I am probably also going to replace the dvd player as well (CA Azur 540d?) so don't worry too much about the source. My music and movie choices are widely varied, but it is most important that jazz and classical sound good, and that dialog comes through. I like very clean, accurate sound, (as clear as possible without being harsh.) I am quite happy with my Arcam/JM Lab/Pro-Ject 2-channel system if that gives you any idea of the type of sound i like.

Yesterday i auditioned:
-Integra DTR-6.4
-Denon AVR 2805 both with Energy C-5s and matching center, surrounds, sub. Source was an Integra CD changer, and a Denon dvd player.

-Rotel 1055 with Phase Tech PC 3.1s (guy only set it up in stereo for some reason, i requested the Phase Techs because the only other speakers that store carries are B&Ws, and Klipsch, and i knew the PC series has a much closer sound to my paradigms than anything from those companies.) Source was a Rotel 1050 dvd player.

-Arcam AVR200
-NAD T743 (T753 has more power than i need and no noticeably better features.)
both with Pardaigm Monitor 7v3s, CC370v3, Mini-MonitorV3s and some sub. Source on the arcam was a DV79. Source on the NAD was a T533.

I also tried to audition a Cambridge Audio Azur 540r/540d combo, but the salesperson was surprisingly unwilling to move these pieces out of the noisy showroom they were in and away from the Gallo setup.

The Arcam combo was clearly the best sounding of the bunch (though also by far the most expensive.) This system would almost certainly sound better than my Alpha 8r/CD62T combo in my 2 channel, and i would rather spend the money saved on buying something cheaper on upgrading that system. The NAD probably sounded 2nd best, and surprisingly close to the Arcams. The NAD, however, lacks some features which would make my system much easier to use (video upconversion, dimmable display, etc.) The Integra was probably the best sounding after this; clearly better than the Denon i thought. It is very clear, but i felt sometimes a bit too much treble and bass, which i preferred to the Denon's lack thereof. This may be somewhat attributed to the speakers, as i recall them as being somewhat harsh in other auditions. The Rotel sounded like crap on Phase Techs. I have heard that Rotels are designed with B&Ws in mind, and i would believe that.

In any case, i just wanted everyones' opinion on all these receivers and their amplifiers: whethere there are other factors regarding the related equipment that i may not be taking into effect and any advice on which to go with. My current top picks are the NAD and the Integra (sound vs. features.)