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    Lightbulb NAD 320BEE or Cambridge Audio 640A?


    I know this kind of question has been asked numerous times but in view of the new reviews in WHF and HFC, please help....

    NAD 320BEE or Cambridge Audio 640A? I am looking for a quality product which will last me for at least 5 years and will sound good with whatever I listen to. See music interest below.

    AE Aegis Evo 3 or Wharfedale 8.3/9.4 - these are speakers that I like and would like to buy.

    I am planning to add a matching cdp once I get the amp. Interconnect could be QED Qunex 1 and speaker cables - QED Silver Anniversary (Bi-wire).

    Music Interests - Classic Rock, Pop, light instrumental Jazz, light Opera etc.

    Please respond with your experience / advice and my apologies to those who feel this is cliched.


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    Read this thread and it should tell you everything you need to know.

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    Thanks for the link Topspeed. Will update one of the threads with my response.


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