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    Question Cambridge Audio Azur questions

    Has anyone audtioned either of the new Azur series integrateds (540 or 640)? What is the general reputation of this brand's quality and reliability? They appear price-competitive with the entry-level Rotel and NAD, but also has capability to record to 2 devices (tape, CDR). I auditioned the Rotel RA-02 and liked it but didn't feel that I "had to have it."

    It is hard to find a Cambridge Audio distributor near me. Can anyone recommend a reliable e-vendor that would allow a return period if I didn't like it?

    Thanks in advance.


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    3,717 has a 30 money back policy and carries CA. I haven't heard them either but if you check my current thread on integrateds, Dean Martin just picked one up and is (hopefully) going to give me his impressions of the CA vs. NAD. Like you, I don't have a dealer anywhere near me.

    Hope this helps

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