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    Has anyone used Musical Fidelity's A3.2 Integrated Amp?

    I am looking into buying a Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated amp. It will be driving a pair of Monitor Audio S6. My room is 11x14 and the system will be used primarily for 2 channel stereo. Any suggestions?

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    Hi, I own the 3.2 integrated and like it a lot, the midrange is very good and has pretty good depth also, Some people complain about it lacking bass but I find no lack of bass in my setup. I just think its an honest reproducer meaning if its a bad recording it will sound bad. I have it paired with the matching 3.2CD player and together they make music. I think though my PSB's are not the most revealing speakers out there and may not be letting me hear everything the amp and cd player are capable of. Just be sure your using a source to do the amp justice.

    Oh..there's one thing i do not like on the 3.2 integrated, the 3 blue LED's...they are extremly bright so if you like to listen in the dark it will be difficult unless you cover them somehow.
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    The place where I am going to buy it from has it setup with the speakers I own. The Monitor Audio S6. It sounds extremely good. It is a very honest reproducer. Thanks

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