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    Conrad Johnson 2300A

    Anybody know much about the Conrad Johnson 2300A amp? Is it a good used amp at the $800 level, it retailed new for $2900.00


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    I have one and like it a lot. It hardly ever shows up on the classifieds so I guess most other people who have one like them as well.

    It has quite a lot of the C-J "house sound". That is to say romantic, warm and non-fatiguing by those who like that sound, and dark, repressed and lacking detail by those who don't.

    It runs hot, I think because a lot of the first few watts are class A. Mine and others do have some mechanical transformer noise, a hum that does not appear from the speakers.

    Lots of reserve power, reliable.

    There are lots of reviews on this site, reading them may help you decide. I think if you were unhappy you could easily resell the unit for that amount.

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