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    Bryston B60 vs. Creek 5350SE


    I recently ordered a Bryston B60 and a Rotel 1072 CD player. I loved the sound, and was willing to give a bit on power and spend a bit more than I had expected.

    Now, after reading the reviews of the Creek 5350SE, I am having a bit of buyer's remorse. Or at least a bit of doubt.

    So how do these two units face off?

    I listen to a wide range of music-- esentially everything except soft rock. And don't listen to as much classical as I do rock/folk/hip-hop/etc.

    I am thinking of either B&W 805s or Von Schweikert VR1s for speakers. Alas, my fiancee has mandated bookshelf speakers and mandated that they appear on a bookshelf.

    Any and all advice would be appreciated.


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    You don't even have the amp yet and you already have buyer's remorse!? Are you in doubt of how much money you spent or that the Creek is a better amp? The Bryston is a fine piece with an incredible warranty. Don't put so much weight into professional reviews. I wouldn't view the Creek as being an equal, much less a better design. Absolute wattage is not the determining factor for making amplifier purchase decisions.

    My advice is to listen to your setup before making any judgement.

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    Frankly - If my choice was the N805 and Bryston OR Creek....I would save a lot of money buying LAST years' AN K Spe and a Sugden A21a or tube amplifier - and get a lot better sound. You'd have speakers that were upgradeable with all silver wiring as it is that can run off practically any amplifier made, will have smoother highs more dynamics more you could get the A21a which is a pure class a integrated amplifier that frankly outclasses the Bryston or the Creek by a mile IMO. The A21a is $1600 without phono ~$1800 with. The Speakers are $1950.00US available at for ~$1150US ($1500.00Cdn). But last years model and only two wood choices Red Cherry or Light Beach.

    Go listen.

    Stereophile's Review (Incidentally I talked to the reviewer and he admitted that this IS the class leader of integrated amplifiers in this price range). I would argue it is right at home versus any $3000.00 Integrated/Separates set-up you can name. The only draw back is you need more effieicient/sensitive speakers...but then why would you want a speaker that wasn't - most insensitive speakers sound nasal and dynamically inept.

    Even the 12 folks here This is the amp I wanted but settled for what I could find the A48b...which I would trade in in a second for the A21a.

    Audio Note

    Go Listen - You'd be surprised what you can hear without paying significant money for advertising.

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