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    Question Bryston equipment

    I am interesting in buying the SP 1.7 processor - 9B SST five channel amp -SPV1 video switcher combination. These will feed 5 Bohlender Grabener Radia 520, 420 and 220 Planar hybrid speakers and a HSU TN20TN sub with its own amp. I know these equipment is expensive but I would like to get the best price from a dealer. Any suggestions?

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    Brystons aren't cheap, 100% Canadian! I'd buy what your getting in a snap if I had the cash.
    I owned a Bryston 2B in 79 which was stolen. Hope to get another one someday.

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    My fiancee's father has two Bryston units, a 2B amp, and the new 9B SST amp with some fancy Pre/Pro. The 2B is from 1986 I think, and it still absolutely smokes my 3 year old Rotel. And, it's still got warranty coverage!!! He owned another one and sold it before giving me a crack at it.

    Truth is, most dealers don't sell these things every day, and they don't keep 200 in stock. It's going to come down to how bad you want a Bryston vs. how bad the dealer wants to sell you one.
    My advice is to find 2 (or more) dealers and try to play them against each other. I have no idea what you should expect for discounts (if any)...sorry.

    But, I will be extremely jelous of you if you get a Bryston!

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