Hi, I have an Audiolab 8000Q pre-amp which is in need of repair.
An independent technician has carried out an initial inspection, however is limited in his effectiveness as he does not have a service manual.

My request is to locate (beg / borrow / copy / purchase) a service manual or locate a service agent with a service manual in New Zealand who can carry out the repair.

My endeavours to date for locating a service manual include contacting:
- Artec in the USA
- International Audio Group in the UK (Parent group for TAG who purchased Audiolab)
- Audio Connections in Australia (Referred to them by IAG)
None of the above were able to provide a service manual.

Please help with this quest; I have a superb amp that does not want to play the game.


Robbie, a frustrated Audiolab owner living on the edge of the world