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    I am comig from a muscains back ground and I have a home studio as well.
    Another consideration on amps is some pro audio amps .
    Not the the gazion watt jobs but a lot of the comapnys in that market have play back amps in around the 100-150s watt are with very good specs on them and are very well made
    IHave a used BGW got it used and is about 20 years old now and still kicking the watts .
    Big ugly looking thing and but heavy as Heck .
    Point is is specs are for real it's designed for day in and day out use with out failing
    The basic power amp desing hasn't changed al the that tmuch over the years what your paying for is good quaility compents and a good all a round sound to the amp .
    You should get a good 10 years out of your amp if not longer .

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    What are you trying to say ? Are you responding to someone? Are you just saying Hi ? I dont get, but would like to.

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    He is posting an opinion, experience. Is that not the purpose of this forum, Flo? Exactly what are you trying to say?
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    Oh. Thats cool. I just didint know it was an opinion. Since most people publish questions here.

    Lots of music but not enough time for it all

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