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    Adcom/Carver question...

    This seems like a good place to ask this question. I've got a pair of Adcom 555's bi-amping my Paradigm 100's...In another room I've got a set of Carver amps...a TFM 55 and a TFM 35. A friend of mine said that he would be very temped to swap the Adcoms out for the Carvers...the Speakers in the 2nd system are Klipcsh Chours II's so power is not even an issue (as you can see either/or is WAY overkill anyway you look at it)...I'm more thinking the quality of sound for the 100's....any input? One more point...I know very little of what's going on on the inside of the amps...for all I know there are lil chipmunks in there...I know the way to really find out whats what is to swap them....and listen....just wondering if anyone has a take on this.

    Thanks, Pogue
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    If you are bi-amping, I would try the Adcom for the low end and the Carver for highs. The Carver will not have the bass and punch of the Adcom but may have a slight end in clarity.

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