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    My "new" old vintage aquirements! (Pics!)

    I put this over in the General Forum but wanted comments from the knowledgeable vintage guys!

    Been visiting the site for a while and enjoying the posts but never felt the need to weigh in on anything or post anything.

    However, that has changed as I was given some very interesting equipments, almost all of it completely unused as I got it from a friend (audio apathy at its best) who was given it from a gentleman who owned an independent audio shop when there were indie stores. I want to know more info about the items and more info on how to enjoy them to their fullest. There's not enough unsuable information on them online. And if I couldn't use them properly, I would rather just give them back to the previous owner and let him put them back in storage!

    The system I'm used to is my trusty and beloved Panasonic SC-HTS7S system which was a HTiB that panasonic put together from separates. I love it and want to maybe use these new old pieces with my old new pieces, if possible.

    Anyway, I was given a Sony TA-E1000ESD, Realistic LAB-400 (used by friend a couple times in the late 80s and early 90s and has the original Shure cartidge!) and a pair of Pioneer CS-G101WA II. The receiever still has the 'New' sticker on it! I know you guys like pics and here they are:

    Comments, advice or any feedback is much, much appreciated!

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    lps always sounds good if the cartrige is new but the other gear ... try it in your system maybe there will be a good match ?

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    the only two things in these pics that are vintage?
    is the t.t. an the speakers.
    the receiver isnt vintage, vintage = 1979 an below is
    ie, s.s. an tubes digital isnt vintage

    those pioneer speakers- arent the greatest but if thats all you have
    id use em till i found a decent set.

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    Old Lamps and new


    I would try out this equipment and see how it sounds.

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