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    The whole thread was conveniently moved... the "steel cage" by person or persons unknown...

    Quote Originally Posted by dean_martin
    BTW, how did the RL/Sir TtT Battle of New Orleans wind up in this thread?
    But if I were to hazard a guess...

    I along with PatD made an attempt to show support for mtry and the members of AH...

    Apparently some of us don't quite get the concept of a simple comparison regarding tenacity...How in one instance(a very gray area subject to many vagaries) we'll fight tooth and nail and in others(pretty much a black and white issue-no, no, no, you got it all bass-ackwards) it's simply ignored...It would seem that a certain lack of comprehension has opened the door to completely irrelevant discourse. This topic that has absolutely nothing to do with anything else other than "what ever happened to???"...

    jimHJJ(...and I'M lookin' for an argument?...)
    Hello, I'm a misanthrope...don't ask me why, just take a good look around.

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    "We are never deceived, we deceive ourselves" -Goethe

    If you repeat a lie often enough, some will believe it to be the truth...

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    I'm impressed!!

    I've seen a bit of the ole spirit back fer a second....ah...the blood and gore!!

    lol Pogue
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    I found the spoon

    enjoy the music!

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