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Thread: AV Perfection

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    Question AV Perfection

    I'm just starting to put a Home Theater together and am looking at various e-tailors which handle AV products. I have noticed that AV-Perfection has some decent pricing, but I am somewhat concerned as to whether their customer service is respectable. I know Crutchfield has a good rep. Also, I am looking at Denon equipment and avperfection is not listed as an authorized dealer so I am concerned about their service as viewed by any consumers out there that may have had experience with this company good or bad. Thanks for your input...

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    i think more knowledgable people would notice this thread if it was in the Home Theater section.
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    Question The perfect AV system

    I like mine the best...NO TV
    After about 4 months you forget altogether you dont have one.

    I look and look and look... ... and I always seem to find a CD to listen to so why invest in a TV and DVD player when I might feel obligated to rent a FICTION movie or worse yet buy one.

    Hope you find what your looking for in life, Ive found that the VIDEO in AUDIO/VIDEO never did anything for me since it wasnt real. I do have a small 20 inch HDTV upstairs for Sporting events and Nascar so its not like Ive abandond VIDEO completely.
    There's a solution for that problem,
    Its called 2 channels

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