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    Would this sound bad??

    I have an Image Dynamic IDQ v.2 12" DVC 2 ohm subwoofer and was wondering if I used this amp with it:

    and built a good enclosure for it would it sound good? it would be getting supposivly 270 watts RMS. Or is this amplifier a POS???


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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?
    No, that amp is not a "POS". I'm sure you could spend more but for that price it's quite a decent plate amp. Your enclosure will cause more harm to the sound than this amp would. Homes have totally different cabinetry requirements than an auto intrerior does.

    I'd be more concerned about using two ohm speakers with it, though. That may (or may not) be a problem.

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    the sub is a dual voice coil (dvc) 2 ohm so it would be wired to 4 ohms total. Is there a place a guy could find out what size of enclosure and port diameter/length?

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