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    Question wireless

    I may want an unwired home sound system because an electrician said wiring speakers in the house is bound to be expensive and uncertain.
    Is he correct?
    What equipement will I need (and what are the most reasonable manufacturers) and how much should wireless cost me?
    Are there any downsides to wireless apart from the power restrictions that I have been told about?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?
    Sound Quality - No wireless speaker system sounds as good as a wired speaker system.

    Cost - Each "wireless" speaker needs power to drive it's internal RF receiver and power amplifier, both ofwhich are far, far below the standards currently available to even the least sophisticated "wired" gear. Oh, and you will need a transmitter or two as well.

    Not to mention any electrical interference you might pick up along the way.

    I'm curious what he meant by "uncertian". Does this mean he didn't know how to run the wires? Sometimes it pays to call in a real professional.

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    I think we need more details

    What do you want to accomplish with this system? Is this going to be a multi room system? Surround sound?

    Markw is right that wireless speakers are an iffy proposition. probably will be expensive, and quality will be poor. If you want to stream quality audio from a computer source wirelessly to conventional stereo systems in multiple rooms, that you can do fairly cheaply compared to a whole hog wireless system.

    Maybe give us some details and we can help more.


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