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    Any wireless sub connections out there?

    With all the wireless technology flying around, I thought I'd ask about a connection from a receiver LFE, to a powered sub? I have a Velodyne CT-120, and it's hard to get it where I want it without having a big RCA in the way, making things ugly. Has anyone seen anything like that? I have all of my speaker wire hidden in the walls, but I guess I had a brain fart, and totally forgot to run RCA for the sub. I want it placed in the back of the room, kind of under the rear speakers. This will be back behind my furniture, out of the way. Thanks for any suggestions. I've just signed up, but I've been visiting this site for years.

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    cant hide it under the base boards?

    there are wireless audio senders at radio shack, about 60 - 120 bucks. im just not sure how they would sound... you could always buy one and try it out and if it doesnt work good take it back.

    alot of them have left and right, and video. depending on your sub and amp, "if it has left and right out for your sub" you would just run the audio part into the right spot on the wireless component. or if its just a mono out for sub like mine you can just run it into say the left of the sender and only use that. and it works fine. OR if your sub has 2 inputs, left and right. and your amp is mono, you can use your Y adapeter "if you have one" right out of the amp into the left and right and use it that way. or you can split the signal after it has been sent wireless. but i would thnk it would be better to split it before, more signal to be split.

    there are a bunch of ways...... kinda confusing but i hope you get it. a sub cable would sound better though...... check into the baseboard thign and try to hide it under and all that stuff first. alot cheaper and it will sound better.

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