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    Well...I've FINALLY narrowed my search

    After quite a bit of time of researching, as well as auditioning multiple different speakers in stores with my favorite music (punk/rock/emo), I've narrowed my search down to the following bookshelf speakers:

    Klipsch RB-25
    PSB Image B-15
    Paradigm Mini-monitors

    Right now, I'm leaning towards the RB-25's, but I'm wondering if there are any others I should be checking out, or if I'm making a huge mistake in going for the Klipsch's. I liked the sound of them the best out of all the ones I've listened to, but one of the salespeople (in a store that didn't sell Klipsch speakers, mind you) said they were probably the most innaccurate speakers I had been looking at, and that after continuous use, they would eventually get tiring to the ear. Any thoughts? Thanks a bunch...

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    While I won't comment on any other speakers you should look at, as you have already done your homework and listening...

    I *will* say that my recommendation is to go with what *your* ears have told you. That salesperson who made the anti-Klipsch statement has an obvious vested interest in his/her brands. Trying to cloud peoples' minds with BS about other brands just to prop up his/her own is pretty low in my opinion, and I would recommend not buying from him/her (even if you end up choosing those same speakers or others he/she carries). Good dealers let you listen to the music and let your own ears decide without feeling the need to diminish the competition.

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