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    Velodyne SPL1200 II or Paradigm Seismic 12?

    Hi everyone,

    I am in the process of upgrading my sub and I have narrowed my selection down to either the Velodyne SPL1200 II or the Pradigm Seismic 12. I am using my HT system for >50% movies and I prefer tight bass. In addition, I am looking for a small sub (no bigger than 16" cube). Both subs seem to perform well, anyone has any experiences with these subs?


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    I have a Velodyne SPL 1200 but I only use a sub for HT. I have been extremely happy with mine. I listened to a few different subs before I bought the 1200, some more expensive and some less. As soon as I heard the 1200 I realized it's sound and expression was different than the other subs and my quest was over. It plays amazingly deep without intruding on the rest of the presentation. If you can go listen to it, it's hard to express into words but the 1200 is more like a true SUBwoofer. The bass is very powerful, you will have no trouble feeling it. The 1200 will blow your mind. My listening room is carpet over concrete and even with that explosions like in Pearl Harbor will shake your insides as well as your foundation. My output level is set at zero and the sub volume is between 1 & 2. It will get intense if you want it to.

    I also found the features useful. It is definitely one of the smallest 12" subs I saw.

    For music, my version only has a 80Hz crossover for the preamp input. I use mine in "bypass" mode. On movie soundtrack music the 1200 seems to blend and be fairly tight. I don't know if you have looked at REL but they do music really well. For HT I wouldn't trade my 1200 for anything I've heard so far, unless it's a SPL 15 or another higher line Velodyne.

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    nyny....Did you buy the sub yet?

    did you buy either the Velodyne or Paradigm? If so, what is your initial thoughts?

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    Hi AZHT, I ended up buying Velodyne SPL-1200II for its video shielding, crossover by-pass, and its look (piano gloss just look so dang good). Performance wise, I think Paradigm Seismic 12 has a bit more "ohm" factror and goes a bit lower than the SPL, however, it is not shielded and does not have cross over by-pass.

    However, SPL is no slouch either, therefore, I decided to go with Velodyne. It puts out very clean (not boomie) bass that's good for both movies and musics.

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