Well as my Kids grows older I am able to pass along ones system to the other sibling. I was looking on ebay for some more Optimus Pro X77's that I swear by. I happen to catch a pair of those renown LX5's for under $50.00, I snatched them up and they came in today. The sound of those Dipole tweeters are so smooth and the sound space they create is very impressive. I swapped out my old Pro X77's and put them in the girls room and place those LX5's in mine. I put on some Earl Klugh (acoustic album) and hearing it as if for the first time again. I tell ya, old Rat Shack Had a good thing going for a while back then. If you are looking to do a bedroom HT or even 2 channel setup this LX5 and still the Pro X77's are a great option.